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SUMMARY: This is a women's lingerie fashion line that creates underwear that is both fashionable and comfortable for women. Bras, shape wear, and underpants are made of a special nylon knit that provides support in the right places without compromising comfort underneath clothing. A special detergent just for washing lingerie in is also available through this company to help preserve the lingerie as long as possible without unnecessary stretch and damage.

This brand's lingerie can be purchased through The Lingerie Shop in Brooklyn, New York, Sugar Cookies in New York City, Faye's Lingerie in Bel Air, California, Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, California and Treasure Lingerie in Los Angeles.

FROM THE BLOGS: Okay, I get it. A sexy version of Spanx or Wacoal, right? You take Spanx and cross it with Victoria's Secret, then you get sexy lingerie that the huge Spanx-type market can share. Then you get Rachel Ray to endorse it. Makes sense. She came from the Oprah school of relatability. Maybe she can do for shapewear what Oprah did for books. Just judging from the brand's presence in blog search results alone, it seems to be doing quite well. The blog entry that I like the most is the one that's titled, "We're bringing (the name of the brand)", an obvious reference to the Justin Timberlake tune. Very clever. What I also read that was somewhat interesting is that there is a blogger who was running a contest where the prize was a "bralette" from this brand. Now let's stop a ponder the male equivalent situation. Let's imagine that someone held a contest to give away a pair of boxer or jockey shorts. Doesn't that seem a little odd? I guess that the only way that makes sense is that the "bralette" is much more desirable than just a bra. I've seen elsewhere that this "bralette" has been referred to as "the world's most comfortable bra" so maybe the creation of a contest is warranted. Does anybody out there make "the world's most comfortable jockey shorts?" That information would be very useful.