Need Sass and Bide apparel at a discount?

Need Sass and Bide apparel at a discount? This is the guide for some of the best alternatives, anywhere online. I've decided to list some websites that seem to consistently have the lowest prices. Below are the websites that I recommend.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Sass and Bide


SUMMARY: This urban, denim line was launched in Australia in 1999. Heidi Middleton (nicknamed Bide) and Sarah-Jane Clarke (Sass) combined their knowledge and design sense to found the company with trend-setting stretch jeans that sported a two-inch zipper. This label's youthful designs debuted in London in 2002, and the brand took off from there. Recently, the line expanded to include sparkly party dresses and outfits.

Celebrity fans of the line include: Cate Blanchett, Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus and Mischa Barton.

This brand can be purchased at: Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Poppy, Dernier Cri, Bizrate/Shopzilla and Kirna Zabête.

FROM THE BLOGS: I'm a Zhang Ziyi fan, so if you feature her in a blog wearing your brand, that's likely a good way to get my attention. However, what she was wearing looked a little strange. It was like a business suit top with a sheer lace polka dot skirt. It seemed to have two opposing purposes at once. I've seen the polka dot skirt thing in other blogs. It just doesn't make much since t o me. If you are going to wear a skirt, then the implicit purpose is to cover what's underneath somewhat. If it's shear except for a few polka dots, then why does it exist?

That question aside, this label does have a well-reputation for well-executed creativity and given some of the photo spreads that I've seen in some of the other blogs, I certainly cannot argue that. Some of them seem so aggressive with the number of models and the posing, that they seem almost like performance art. What's also interesting about this brand is that it's founded by two Australian women. Is there an Australian style? If so, it represented by this brand? How much of what I see from this brand is what I can expect to see from other Australian brands and how much is unique to them? I guess I've never really thought about whether there is an Australian style and if there is, then expect to see a long apology somewhere on this website.