Need Sartore footwear at a discount?

Need Sartore footwear at a discount? This is the guide for some of the best alternatives, anywhere online. I've decided to list some websites that seem to consistently have the lowest prices. Below are the websites that I recommend.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Sartore

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SUMMARY: Barney's New York features the classic and western designer collection by this label. This line is made up of a wild selection of fashionable western-style cowboy boots and shoes. Usually made with genuine leather or suede, this collection can be a little pricey - and it doesn't help that they are generally only found in high-end boutiques or Barney's, New York. Online, however, you can find this label by browsing shopping portals like Bizrate/Shopzilla. Nonetheless, if you are looking for an authentic cowgirl look, it's usually complemented with a good pair of real cowboy boots. Some very good ones are made by this label. The line also features other styles of boots other than the cowboy style. A great example of a stylish and sophisticated boot in this collection are the Paris Black Boots, which will pair up nicely with just about most fashion styles.

FROM THE BLOGS: I should clarify that this French label (with manufacturing done in Italy) does more than cowboy or western style boots. They have a wide collection of footwear including sandals and including unisex footwear. I must admit that I was put off by the name. A bit pretentious was what I thought at first, but there are apparently people who have this as a last name, which was the case with founder of this brand. So I guess now I can't be quite so judgmental about the name of this label. It just turns out to be a good fit for what the founder decided to do with his life.

I'm impressed with how much information this brand imparts through its website. I was able to find out the above information this way. What is somewhat confusing though, is that when you browse this website's blog, it's headings are in English, yet the actual articles are in French. It seems to provide an extensive selection of lifestyle recommendations, but this is my best guess since I do not speak French. Maybe this section should be made a bit more consistent in use of language. Perhaps it is a subtle suggestion that its customers should learn to speak French.