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SUMMARY: This brand had been noted by the media as a a label to watch for back in the fall of 2004. Since then, the creator, Michael Carbaugh, has fulfilled their prophecies. Carbaugh clothing has graced the pages of top fashion magazines and is considered a designer with immense raw talent whose potential will further be met with experience, polish and refinement. His styles are influenced by his upbringing in numerous European locales. Carbaugh credits his knowledge to his experience with established designers and his experimentation with fabrics. This is not an easy label to find through shopping portals. It would be worthwhile to browse an occasional bargain at eBay.

FROM THE BLOGS: As you can probably guess, you might as well forget about searching for info about this label by the name of the label itself. It's way too common. What I got was tons of information about major league baseball, with a sprinkling of politics. So instead, I search the name of the designer, Michael Carbaugh, and I immediately ran into the dilemna of having to decide between what seems to be two different people with the same name. There was another person with a background in design writing and his work appears to be in a field similar to that of the clothing designer but not exactly the same. I think this person's posts appear several time in the search results making the search for the designer no less confusing. I decided to search again using the name of the designer and the name of this label and finally I was able to create results that were not confusing. I even was able to locate his biography, which is substantial almost to Sandy Starkmanesque proportions. Since he and his namesake seem so academically intimidating, it's hard to not get over their similarities. There were also some of what you normally expect to see in the blog search results for an established designer, such as the runway reports and product reviews. I don't think it was until I performed this search that I could get any real idea of this designer's online presence.