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SUMMARY: The husband and wife team behind this label are Ken and Debra Polanco. Ken Polanco handles the business aspect and Paula Polanco manages the creative process. Ms. Polanco's designs offer casual and relaxed California fashions. Her fashions are influenced by the pulse and trends in California. From shorts to pants, the style is casual and designed for warm weather wear. The company’s Spring 2009 collection consists mainly of dresses and tees. This label has a strong online retail presence with a healthy selection for most budgets on major shopping portals as well as a signicant presence among some young but reputable powersellers on eBay.


Obviously, I knew that just searching for this brand by its name on the blog was a bad idea, but I'm curious, you see. I just had to know what type of results I'm going to get when it's fairly obvious that it won't be information pertaining to the designer that I'm looking for. At times, searches like these turn up unusual bits of information that I can't help but share. Near the top of our search results is a store about how a Chinese bear-bile farm is being transformed into a sanctuary. I think that's fantastic for the bears involved, but who knew that there was such a thing as bear bile farms? What a bizarre and disgusting-sounding concept. My favorite trick is to punch in the last name of the designers along with the name of the brand, if the brand's name is a commonly used word. That usually brings me the information that I'm looking for and it worked in this case again. The first article was more interesting than a lot of the usual blog articles in fashion, in that it focused on how the designer came from where they originated to their current prominence. I really liked Deb Polanco's responses and they were refreshing in that she was straightforward without the pretentiousness that can be commonly found in this arena. Sarah Velasco also does a slick little blog, but I think it veers towards marketing her subjects, though.