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SUMMARY: Mr. Edelman offers his customers a selection of fresh and bold women's footwear. The label started five years ago, and has been thriving ever since, even snagging a number of celebrity clients, such as Mischa Barton and Miley Cyrus, who both made the label's 2008 boots an easily recognizable fashion statement. Borrowing inspiration from around the world, the styling of the shoes put out by Edelman can feature everything from an African flair to a Native American influence. The selection of footwear changes seasonally and includes boots, sandals, and ballet slippers among other types of footwear. FROM THE BLOGS: You probably know that I like to find the colorful information in the blog search results. There's always going to be runway reviews and product reviews, so I look for that story that's a bit different, the one that sheds a little light into the brand or the designer that maybe was not corporately controlled. I think that was provided by the blogger, High End Hippie. High End Hippie seems to be an attractive young women with a taste in fashion. I'm sure Mr. Edelman would agree with me given that his photo was taken with High End Hippie with his arm around her and his hand on her bare midriff. I'm assuming that he was not in a relationship because if he was, then he would have had some "splainin" to do soon afterwards. It's not as if he is a strange to sweet young things. There seemed to be a number of posts that show a frolicking Kate Upton barely wearing some of his creations. Another blog features a picture of an item from this designer that I love. I don't think that I'd want the pair to own, but I do enjoy looking at them. They are gold metallic oxfords, and you have to see them to believe them. They look like solid gold, like someone took a pair of shoes and dumped them in a vat of gold. I enjoy looking at the photo because it so pushes the envelope of flashy in a way that makes flashy interesting.