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SUMMARY: Mr. Mukherjee is a young, twenty-eight year old designer who started his collection by selling jewelry to roadside boutiques in Kolkata. Later, he began displaying his amazing Milan Fashion collection in New Delhi. Mukherjee's line features romantic Victorian-styled fashions with lots of lace, cotton voiles, layered chiffon, organza, and printed georgettes. Mr. Mukherjee is known to have looked through history books for style inspiration. The line features lots of velvet skirts, trench coats, retro jackets, and blouses along with a lot of quilting as well as kantha stitches.

FROM THE BLOGS: A designer with a reality show! Just my favorite when I'm looking for some fun, flavorful content for this website. So what is the reality show about? It's about weddings. You know, weddings and reality shows are not necessarily a good mix. Sometimes they seem to feature spectacular displays of last minute rejection at the altar, which is not lacking in boredom, similar to the way that the games at the Roman Coliseums' were likely not lacking in boredom. The interview I read where the designer discusses his involvement with the show, it sounds like a relatively gentle program. Apparently his role in the show is to make the bride look an awful lot better than she would likely look without his assistance. I imagine it would make little sense for him to become involved and dress the bride in his finest only for her to be made a fool of. I think that would somehow send the wrong message for his brand. It also appears that this designer's name is another case where two people share a famous name. There is also an article online about a man by this name is the director of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum). Apparently, he also gets asked if he designs clothes. This man is quite prominent and is credited with modernizing the museum through his vision and through his fundraising. Perhaps, he deserves his own reality show as well.