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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Rushkin

eBid Online Auctions

SUMMARY: This is one of those smaller fashion companies that is sometimes controversial. They have been hit at times with accusations that they take all the imagination out of designing clothes and footwear. The company has it's own unique style. For example, in their last major fashion show, all of their models wore bizarre-looking hats and a variety of clothes that had many unusual features. One of their shirts had cuffs that looked far too big. They also seemed to emphasize short skirts and dresses. The clothes were also devoid of color, having only black, white, and one single yellow. This label has a limited retail presence online and it might be worth consulting a large, reputable eBay store for a special order.

FROM THE BLOGS: Okay did I do something wrong? I can't find these guys anywhere. I can't find them on the blog search. I can't find them on regular search. I can't find them if I add words like "apparel" or "clothing". I can find a similarly named company that does promotional apparel and similar items. But I can't find this brand anywhere....except for Citysearch.....where it says that it's closed. Hmmm, I guess that explains a lot. It is times like this that by necessity, I look for colorful bits of information not just from the brand but from the search itself. Sometimes, it's a fun way to learn about new things that I might not have ever searched for directly. What I found was random yet still relevant to this website. It was a blog page with a list of quotes with at least one made by a man with a name similar to the name of this apparently defunct company. It wasn't his quote that interested me. It was the quote by Oscar Wilde, "Only shallow people don't judge by appearances". Hmmm, I think I will have to let my brain wrestle with that one for a while. Besides that, I wasn't able to find much else other than a huge variety of locations for the brand with the similar name.