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SUMMARY: Designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morias started a small shop in the summer of 2004. Their original intent was to sell a variety of neckpieces. However, there was such a demand for these popular neckpieces, which included mink collars and crystal-covered shoulder harnesses, that they expanded this label into the large fashion design company of today. They have expanded their inventory to include stylish jackets and silky blouses. The quality of their products are shown through their prices. Blouses start at eight hundred dollars and jackets start at eighteen hundred dollars. Today, their popular lines and designs can be found New York City.

FROM THE BLOGS: I love the name. As far as I know, no one has created a company named "Thug" because I assume that would sound just a bit too aggressive. I think that it's clever to used a synonym that sounds a bit more refined to get across the idea that your brand is for bad boys/girls with brains. Even with a more polite-sounding name, I would have initially assumed that this was a brand for the hip/hop crowd. I seem to be mistaken. This brand seems to be more about long, fancy dresses and suits that any apparel common considered to be hip-hop. What is less impressive is that when you search for their name in Google Blog search, very little related to this brand comes up. On the first page of results, there seemed to be a mention on, but there was nothing other than that. The biggest benefit of search for this brand on Google blog search would seem to be if you were a fan of the Scottish gaming studio also by this name. My normal cure for this is to add the word "apparel" or whatever is appropriate to the name of the company in order to get the relevant search results. I did not get much improvement when I tried that here. There might have been one other mention of the brand on the first page of search results when I tried that. Using the specific word "clothing" seemed to bring the results I wanted and among other things, I was treated to an article displaying a model wearing a jockey-styled suit from the Ruffian 2012 collection.