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SUMMARY: The fashion designer label features comfortable and usable footwear for the day-to-day activity of normal life. With bright colors and fun styles, the footwear available through this label has been crafted to hold up to the elements, with items ranging from snow boots to summer slip-ons. Perhaps its most well-known products are Snowjoggers, colorful boots that have been popularized by the likes of Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities. This is an American-based company with designer roots in Greenland. It's also a socially-conscious label, demonstrated with its emphasis on its Smile Project, as it works to meet the needs of consumers.

FROM THE BLOGS: I wasn't naive enough to think that this would be easy. Gee, how many possible blog posts could involve the use of this phrase? Yes, I knew that these items were collected. And yes, I think that I had even heard of the minor league baseball team by this name. However, I didn't think that races with these things were held on public waterways. Visually, it's amazing but wouldn't that be unsafe for the environment? The challenge of search for this brand is easily resolve by adding the word "footwear" in your Google search. I then came across a good number of blog posts about different items from this brand. It seems that one of the most popular items from this brand is the snowjogger, which as one blogger says, is the latest thing sweep Hollywood and meant for tackling "snow-covered" Los Angeles streets. Really? I knew it never rained in Southern California so I assumed that it also never snowed either. I was tempted by the blog article that was supposed to review the day-glo boots from this brand but unfortunately, that post had since been removed. I thought that the tennis denim footwear from this brand looked a little plain but to its credit, it wasn't all that expensive either. I'm not sure though that I would purchase something from this brand that wasn't obviously rain gear because it must be an annoyance to have to explain that your non rain gear footwear is so named because it comes from a rain gear company.