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SUMMARY: This is a swimwear label designed by Amir Slama, a native Brazilian. Starting his fashion business in 1990, Slama applies classic techniques of couture to his swimsuits, making them appealing to women who love the high fashion look for the beach or pool side. Ruffles on bikini tops and one-piece suits with multiple cutouts are a few examples of the fashions he creates for women. Some of the fashion industry's top models have not only worn Slama's swimsuits down the runway, but have also made the swimsuits part of their own personal wardrobe.

This brand can be purchased through Bizrate/Shopzilla as well as eBay.

FROM THE BLOGS: Did you ever see that movie "Borat"? Do you remember that funky swimsuit that he wore? I actually saw model Alessandra Ambrosio wearing something that looked like that on a blog discussing this brand. I think the big difference is that her body is in a lot better shape than Sacha Baron Cohen. In fact, her body is in better shape than likely 99 percent of human history. It's probably not a good idea to try to wear this brand if you are even two pounds overweight. One blog that I found to be confusing was that of Barbara Palvin who has a stream of photos that labeled with this designer's name, yet there does not exist any swimwear in any of the photos. Given that there is someone in the photos with her, then my conclusion at this point is that that person shares the name of the designer as well. It could that the person actually is the designer. I don't think that I've seen a photo of the designer yet, so the jury is still out on this. I discovered another blog post that casts doubt on the business model of designing swimsuits that look good on only a minimal percentage of the human existence. The blog discusses how the owner of this chain will open stores in 2014 to attempt to relaunch the brand.