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SUMMARY: Mr. Gigli studied architecture and traveled before embarking on a fashion career. He is known for the balance and style of both his menswear and women's wear collections. His collections are designed for men and women who work. He thinks of those business people who must make a presence in the power or business meetings and he focuses on mix and match separates. The 2007 collection was based on the World War II idea of rationing and reinventing the wheel. It emphasizes comfort based on men’s fashions that give women a good look. There are trench coats, pants and prints in a variety of patterns.


Even so, what I found from the blog search results, is that this designer seems to be a favorite among vintage clothing fans. Even though I mentioned above that this designer is a favorite among those who work, I wonder how many workplaces would be open to their employees wearing this type of avant-garde fashion? We should be grateful to him though for making a stand in the 1980's and 1990's against some business dress trends of the time. Remember the power blazer? The type with should pads so pronounced that they would knock you over should you be standing in front of them at the wrong time? Didn't understand them at the time, don't miss them now. I was curious about what's been happening with this designer more recently, so I looked up some of the blog posts from the last couple of years. It seems that this is another case of the corporate soap opera. Apparently, his former girlfriend, Carla Sozzani took on a business partner and they both screwed the designer out of his company. Ouch. Fortunately for him, things are better know and he is happily married with a daughter. This designer also creates scents. Honestly, I can't say that I have had much experience with scents from this designer, but I will say that one of his perfumes comes with a handwritten note on the bottle. I think that would be cool to have as part of a collection.