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SUMMARY: Unlike many designers, Mr. Mouret has had little education in the actual design of fashion, having taken three months worth of Fashion College classes in Paris. This did not stop him from creating a number of successful fashion lines. Though his inexperience has cost him the use of his own name as a trademark (A backer retains rights to his name), Mr. Mouret has been able to emerge as a cutting-edge designer. He currently uses the trademark RM. Mouret’s elegant yet trendy designs have been described by a variety of names including, especially detailed, distinctly sexy, and chic.

FROM THE BLOGS: And he's interesting!!! I love that! It is rough creating this website when you have a run-of-the-mill successful fashion designers, who have numerous product reviews, reviews of their collections presented at the latest fashion show or what have you. Of course this designer has that, but he also has a very interesting story. He is known as a designer of $2000 dresses. Specifically, he is known as one of those designers who makes those ubiquitous skimpy black minidresses. He, however, has recently team up with Banana Republic to create black minidresses for them. These will be substantially cheaper at $50 to $165. What a difference the economies of scales makes. I guess making $50 to %165 dresses for the many beats making $2000 dresses for the few. This is probably how millionaires become billionaires. Apparently, this move along with an opening of his first retail store is the beginning of his invasion of the U.S. market. Other than that, there does not seem to be anything noteworthy to mention about this designer. There's a few celebrity photo mentions such as Freida Pinto, America Ferrera, J-Lo as well any other actress or model who's confident enough to wear something that's extremely tight on someone's curves. What will be interesting to see as this designer makes his presence in the U.S. market is if he's willing to accommodate figures that might not be as flattered in an hourglass minidress.