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SUMMARY: This Los Angeles designer has an extensive background, as well as an unusual understanding of how to create in-demand designs. This has been demonstrated by the success of this collections, released at the rate of four each year. This designer struck out on his own in 1990, first creating Boutique X as a research and development showroom to improve upon his revolutionary designs and display his talents to the general public. He was approached by Private Circle to release his “private line” of enhanced designs, which has added to his personal success. He finds among his celebrity fans, Gwen Stefani, Usher, Enrique Iglesias, Christina Aguilera, among others.

FROM THE BLOGS: This is an extremely common name, so I couldn't reasonable expect to find anything in the results from just typing in the name alone. I thought that once I added the word "apparel" the problem would be solved. It wasn't. Obviously, I thought that was odd. Then I tried the word "clothing" instead of apparel and I saw a few more listings including one on Etsy. In other words, not much of a presence. What's also confusing is that there is a clothing brand with a similar name, Roja. I think that I was on their website for a while, before I realized that it was the wrong brand. I was,however, able to find a website with an extensive bio of the designer. Finally, some good, colorful, background information. Apparently, this guy got his start in 1990 by getting his clothing noticed by celebrities in his native Los Angeles. Honestly, what a common sense approach. Why not live in a city with a relative high number of your best customers who ten d to set trends nationwide. I guess it's not a mistake that you don't find too many of these designers in the middle of Nebraska. I also checked out some of his social media outlets. According to Facebook, he's really into flowers. I have to assume that where this designer lives, the weather is an awful lot nice than where I live.