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SUMMARY: This is a smaller fashion design company founded in 1904 by the Russian princess Marie Tenesheva. The name is derived from the Russian word for source, because Marie Tenesheva wished it to be the source of all fashion. She based the company of the Russian fairy tale of the firebird. For many years, it was unable to compete with some of the larger fashion companies, but their patience finally paid off in recent years with a boom in sales of their shawls and scarves. The actress, Sienna Miller, has even started to endorse them.


Really difficult to find information about this label on Google search. It's virtually possible to find information about this brand while searching on Google blogs. What makes searching for this brand more confusing is that there is a similarly named British label called The Rodnik Band which bills itself as a fashion pop art label. Where the real confusion comes in is that some websites say that this British label was inspired by the Russian label while other websites say that the new label "revived" the old Russian label. So out of curiosity of course, I had to check out the new company. Near the top of the blog search results, was a link for this label's Fall 2014 collection. I opened the linked and scrolled down a page of young, women made up to resemble cartoon characters wearing what looks to be sleepwear festooned with generous images of Snoopy. In fact, it turns out that there's an agreement between this company and the Peanuts cartoon strip to borrow their images to be displayed on their apparel. To be real about it, when I think of a century old Russian fashion label, this would not be what comes to mind. The interview with the founder of the brand, Philip Colbert, suggests that his company was not meant to be a continuation of the old Russian brand, but was inspired by his adventures that resulted from his importing scarves made by the old Russian brand. I would assume that they didn't have Snoopy on them.