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Shopzilla - Rockport outlet store

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SUMMARY:This brand is not quite as big a name as Reebok or Nike, but it's been around since 1971. They obviously do not match the bigger brand's association with professional sports but they instead try to market their products as technologically advanced tools for the hobbyist or weekend warrior.

If you are looking for a particularly uncommon item, then you might check some of the established power sellers on eBay. There are at least five stores on eBay with a strong presence of this brand and they each could qualify as an unofficial Rockport outlet store. However, if you are just looking for the lowest price on an item, I would make sure to check Amazon. Every so often, they have some substantial markdowns on certain brands and as I'm typing this, they have some deeply-discounted new items from this brand.

FROM THE BLOGS: Just for grins, I decided to do a blog search of this brand without adding words like "footwear" or "shoes", just to see what happens. Do you know how many towns in the United States are named Rockport? So far, I've found places in Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri and of course Maryland. It's only a little over three hours from the Massachusetts town to the Maine town. How confusing. Not quite as interesting are the search results that include the words "shoes and "footwear". The results are typical for popular mass-produced apparel or footwear in that there is an awful lot of product placement with no in-depth discussions with any designer and definitely no Spring or Fall collection reviews. Thus it's difficult to get some idea of any artistic expression that might exist with any of the models. This brand is obviously for those who need a decent pair of tennis shoes, screw the fashion. I noticed in these results that some of the shoe models feature that new technology that's supposed to put more bounce in your step. I hesitate to mention it here, because the name of technology is likely trademarked. I guess I'm somewhat doubtful because it seems like a common thing where you hear about these shoes that are supposed to do something extra for your body and after a lawsuit later, you find out that it's a bunch of BS. I don't know if that's the case here, but since I currently live in Missouri....you'll have to show me.