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Need Rock and Republic apparel at a discount? This is the guide for some of the best alternatives, anywhere online. I've decided to list some websites that seem to consistently have the lowest prices. Below are the websites that I recommend.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Rock and Republic

eBid Online Auctions

SUMMARY: The new rock esthetic has never been more apparent than in the attire from this label. The jeans brand, founded in 2002 by Michael Ball, is never short on glamour, or attitude. The clean, fitted designs (most often in signature Rock and Roll black) are classically streamlined, with subtle zipper detailing. A splash of royal purple, a hint of rhinestone, and you can imagine someone wearing this for a night on the town., Bizrate/Shopzilla and your local Lord and Taylor stores have strong selections of this label.

FROM THE BLOGS: Rock and Republic appears to be the brand that famous people wear when they want to lamely try to present the image of toughness. I think the first example of that would be the photo of Leann Rimes wearing one of their jackets. It's a very, very nice looking jacket, but no way does that make me frightened of coming across Leann Rimes in a dark alley. $54.00 is not a bad price for it, either. It made me want to check out the guy's jacket mentioned in another post for around the same price, but that was pretty uninspired. I would suggest that she go with something other than the black tights with sheer cutouts. I think it's trying too hard. Looks a little skanky. Another blog post discusses a bargain shopper's purchase of a pair of this brand of jeans from Kohls in a way that makes Kohls look really, really good. I also saw another post with one of their tees. I guess I just don't get the designer tee. I mean how much can you do with a tee? Their tee didn't really do anything to change my opinion either. It was pretty basic looking and on sale for $18.00, marked down from $32.00. Really, this must be marketed to youngster who are still learning how to manage their money. Somehow, mixed in the results was a blog post about a "Punk Rock Distillery". Interesting and I have absolutely no idea what that is supposed to be. They make an interesting looking Gin but I don't know what makes it punk rock. Maybe it's about how you act when you've had a little too much of it to drink.