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SUMMARY: Starting in 1995, this label was created by popular rapper Jay-Z and Damon Dash. The brand features urban clothing aimed to target everyone from women to men and even children, including accessories and shoes as well as clothing. Music, particularly hip hop, plays a major influence on the clothing line and aims to appeal to street-savvy consumers. This label is recognized for not following the trends, but creating trends for the young and hip. This urban fashion line can be found anywhere from specialty stores to department stores and can be found worldwide, with offices ranging from the UK, Japan, Russia, and numerous other countries.

FROM THE BLOGS: Oh, I love a controversial designer. When you're creating content for a website with a substantial number of pages, this makes life so much easier. So thank you, Jay Z, for what you said recently about lacrosse being "soft" in one of your raps because I get to mention that here. Please let me know if you take up the recent challenge from a lacrosse guy to actually play. I can't wait. Though it's a big controversy, I must be honest and admit that I didn't see anything pertaining to it in the Google blog search results for the brand name. The first result was interesting though. It discusses this brand's repositioning strategy for the European market, and how European tastes tend to favor a far more sleeker style than what this brand has historically done. They also feature Nev Schulman, the filmaker behind the movie "Catfish" as the face of this brand. I don't fully understand the explanation of how that caters to the European market, but it is an interesting choice, nonetheless. The post also mentions that this brand will be relaunching its footwear brand. Since I didn't realize that they had a footwear brand, that might be a good idea. The other post that I noticed didn't really have much interesting content related to this brand, but I couldn't get over the name of the blog "Necole Bitchie".