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SUMMARY: Mr. Rodriguez is a New York City-born designer educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a boy, his mother gave him a book about Christian Dior, who became his most powerful design influence. After graduating from FIT, he went to work for Christian Dior and in 2003 started his own line.

Mr. Rodriguez's clothing focuses on sophisticated silhouettes, high quality materials and perfect tailoring to produce clothing that is sexy, contemporary, elegant and feminine. Many celebrities and fashion trendsetters have been spotted wearing his designs, which are available at high-end retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.


So would I find first in the blog search, the designer or the director? Who says designer? Who says director? It's not even close, folks. The first page of the blog search results is dominated by the director. The major exception is a blog post on the first page that mentions actress Heather Graham in a dress from this designer. The title of the blog does not mention dress so naturally, I assumed that they were talking about a movie at first, but not they were talking about the skimpy dress that she was wearing. It's not that the interviews with the director were not interesting. He was involved in an interesting question and answer session involving his network, El Rey, in at least one of the posts I've read. However, he's been such a prominent filmmaker for so long, that you really already are familiar with much of what he does. I'm not familiar enough with designer to have any expectation regarding his apparel. There was actually another blog post on the first page of results that include this brand in the outfit the model was wearing. What I couldn't help but notice that the diminutive model in the blog post wore shoes that were too big for here. It reminded me of Elton's John's performance of pinball wizard in Tommy. I really had a hard time concentrating on the clothing from this brand that the model was wearing.