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SUMMARY: Mr. Menichetti, is known for taking charge of Burberry and turning it into a fashion house. Born in Buffalo, NY, the designer launched his own label with backing from Richard B. Fisher and his wife, Jean, in 2004. He set out on his own in 2005 to focus on developing a brand, an unique and stylish line of meticulous sportswear. Along with his apparel, fans tend to fall in love with his boyish good looks and his charm. You can find his clothes in department boutiques across the world. His website is at

FROM THE BLOGS: Does he have his own brand or is he a hired gun? It really is difficult to tell. From his blog search results, it seems that he designs or used to design for Michael Kors, Ballantyne and Celine. A lot of big names, but no apparent job stability. Whoever this has hired to promote his brand on the internet needs to make establishing him as his own designer, with his own design house an urgent priority. Otherwise, from reading these blog search results, it is likely that most ahead that he's just on the clock for other designers, and apparently he was on a very short clock for Michael Kors. His taking over after Michael Kors as a designer for Celine was apparently distrastrous and it also seems to be the one thing that anybody writing about him online feels the need to include in their blog post. His failure seems to have been so explosive that anyone hired after him seems to be measured in terms of how much better they were at the job than he was. In comparison, designer Ivana Omazic seems to be the all conquering hero for having immediately succeeded him. My assumption is that Roberto Menichetti seems to have redeemed himself in subsequent jobs because he still seems to be very active and influential in the industry. What is difficult to find for this guy is product information. I can't really tell what his brand makes, how his shows have been reviewed, what type of collection he has. hopefully, I will stumble over more posts containing that type of information.