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SUMMARY: Ms. Di Camerino who was born under the name of Giuliana Coen in Venice, Italy in the year 1920 passed away at the age of 82.

Ms. Di Camerino, at her passing, was one of the oldest fashion designers in the world. Starting her career majoring on handbags she then moved into lines for clothing, belts, watches, accessories, and decor objects also. She was often referred to as the high priestess of Italian fashion.In 1956 she received the Neiman Marcus "Oscar of fashion" award.

Her lines have been worn by many including but not limited to Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Grace Kelly, Andie McDowell, Madonna, and Isabella Rossellini.

FROM THE BLOGS: This designer's unique name serves her well in the blog search results. Every single result on the first page is directly related to her. What I didn't expect but was interesting was the number of the results that were in some type of calligraphy. Another thing that I noticed that was unusual was that someone put a picture of a beauty case on a popular photo sharing site. My first thought was that the poster had one bad case of materialism and overestimated everyone's need to a photo of a beauty case on the web. But I must admit, it is one sharp looking beauty case. I would never need one, but it would be something that I would keep in mind as a gift idea for someone else. The photo sharing website had photos of additional items from this designer. You may not always like each piece from this designer, but I must admit that this is one of the more interesting and creative designers. This is one of the designers who apparel does not seem to just be costuming for the wealthy (although I imagine it could function as that), but there also seems to be some degree of artistic expression. There's also an interesting blog by a blogger who apparently was a family friend of the designer. Nice of shot of the designer with friends on a speedboat in the 1950s.