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SUMMARY: Mr. Ozbek is a Turkish-born fashion designer who is infamous for his collection of exotic and ethnically-inspired garments. This label grace the runways with unique and sophisticated looks that only he could come up with. It wouldn't be surprising for an Ozbek piece to consist of a metallic gold pair of shorts paired with a black and brown animal print top. Many of the tops and leggings are sheer in some places to show off some skin while keeping covered. The styles are generally very eccentric in this line, but they maintain very neutral and sophisticated in a sense that most pieces could be worn casually without making too big of a scene.

FROM THE BLOGS: I like biographies. Especially for the designers that I write about it. I think that you can interpret what a designer is about by their work. I must admit, though, that it's much, much for easier for the sake of writing this website to have the biography laid out for me. I was fortunate enough to run across a bio and at least one interview. Apparently what this designer is known for is "Inner Chic". I read the description of "Inner Chic" a least a couple of times and I still am not quite sure what it means. Apparently, that makes me really uncool because this designer designs for the "Inner Chic masses". I guess this means that there are a lot of people who understand what this means and they must be much more fashion-conscious than me. And they all must have much cooler pillows than me, because that is one of the things that this designer is known for, his Yastik pillows. The pillows do look very artistic, as if they would be right at home in a museum. If you are the type of person who drools in their sleep then maybe a cheaper, less "Inner Chic" pillow would be more suitable to you. Chances are you be better off finding a designer who specializes in "Drool chic" or "Inner slob" fashion.