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SUMMARY: In 2003, the huge fashion design company, Teri Jon, celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company is owned by top fashion designer, Rickie Freeman, the daughter of a professional tailor. The company is known for it's many women's collections and the unique decorative bead patterns that they put on many of their labels. They prefer to work with silk and fine wool products. Most of their labels, are targeted toward different demographic segments. The company's well-known designer takes pain to test each label out on herself. Most of the labels are aimed at middle-aged mothers, though they can be for any age.

FROM THE BLOGS: I found a good interview for this designer. She talks about who she is, what she does, how she got there, etc.. It was refreshing. I really don't understand why there is not some background information available on almost every established designer. Of course, this is a selfish concern as it would make my life so much easier, but I think anybody who follows a brand would have an interest in the personal perspective of the founder of the brand. I appreciate the designer for providing her history, but I must say that that the interview itself came across as somewhat shallow. The answers seem to be the rote answers of anyone who is successful in a certain industry. There's nothing revelatory about "work hard, have a niche, etc.". In subsequent results, I didn't see much about spring or fall collections or runway shows, but I did see a substantial number of personal appearances. In one, she talks about how to dress curvy women such a Meryl Streep and Jennifer Hudson. You know, I don't doubt that both women are curvy, but that's not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind in my image of both of them. I mean, if it were Jack Black that was being dressed, would the article be "how to dress a portly male actor like Jack Black"? Seems a little undignified to me. I guess I don't see myself as part of this designer's fan club.