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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Richard Tyler

eBid Online Auctions

SUMMARY: Mr. Tyler is an award winning designer who is best known for his remarkable talent for handstitching, and exquisite details. His lines consist of beautifully-tailored suits, bridal dresses, shoes, and luxurious evening apparel. He also has a moderately-priced line called "Tyler" that is just as well-crafted as his couture line. He is highly sought after for his distinctly feminine attire. His couture designs can be found at his boutique located in Pasadena, California, and his "Tyler" line can be found at various high-end department stores, as well as, some designer discount, online stores. Both Amazon and Bizrate/Shopzilla provide a healthy selection of this brand but between the two, Bizrate/Shopzilla is somewhat easier to browse.

FROM THE BLOGS: I guess that I'm not surprise that there are lot of other people by the same name. I didn't realize though, that there are so many successful people by this name on the web. It would almost make sense to change this name, if you have it, just so that you don't get identity confused with all of your other namesakes. If you are the designer, you could hire someone with the same name to manage your sales, as well as someone else the same name to write and perform a song paying homage to your brand. I imagine that the singer/songwriter will be pretty confident as well since the title of his blogs mentions something about him being bigger than Beyonce. When I add the word "apparel" there is some improvement in the visibility of this brand, but it is modest at best. There are various mentions of people who worked with this brand on the way to being famous themselves, but I'm not seeing the runway shoes, product reviews, etc. that I expect to see with such an established designer. There is one really interesting story about the flight attendant outfit designed by Richard Tyler for Delta. Apparently, the executives at Delta decreed that the bright red color of the uniform means that will not be available in a size large than 18. This seems like an obviously bad public relations move for that company and they have since come under fire.