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SUMMARY: Mr. Chai is considered one of the new Asian influences on modern fashion, using unexpected fabrics for his casual clothing and including architectural touches. He helped launch the Marc by Marc Jacobs line and revamped TSE. In 2004, he introduced his own line of tailored, feminine designs and won an Ecco Domani Award the next year. He launched his menswear designs along with a capsule collection for Target in 2008.

Celebrity clients include Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively and Christina Ricci.

Mr. Chai's designs can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, Odin, Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman.

FROM THE BLOGS: While this designer has a significant presence in the blog searches, most of the results were the standard corporate seeming type of results of your basic successful designer. Lots of show reviews, lot of products reviews, lots of mention of how he's the master of "utilitarian separate chic" and one of the hottest new guys in the fashion world. Not much on though on personal side, though. For that, I had to go to the regular Google search and find trusty old Wikipedia. Yes, I know that Wikipedia is not 100 percent reliable but most of the time, what you find on Wikipedia, you find repeated elsewhere on line. However in this case, Wikipedia failed me. Just a mention of his history of designing for Marc Jacobs, as well as his collaboration with Snarkitecture to create a retail pop-up store in New York in 2010. Oh also that he has line available under Target's Go International. I was able to find a decent bio once I added the word "bio" to my blog search. It seems that the designer's career started with an internship at Geoffrey Beene. I've had internships before. I don't think that they worked out for me quite the way they did for this designer. He went to school at Parsons, which is pretty much standard for many designers and then continued his education in Paris. Very nice. I think I would really be interested in the interview that where Richard Chai explains how he started at Geoffrey Beene and ended up where he is now. I think it would provide some useful information for anyone looking to get ahead.