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SUMMARY: This established label specializes in designing sandals, and their entire collection is almost solely made up of footwear. They currently have nineteen different collections of footwear. They also design and decorate rooms for fancy hotels, upscale spas and other institutions of luxury. The company has shops in many famous fashion capitals of the world, including Milan, Rome, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Kiev, Vienna, Monaco, Madrid, New York City, Dalla, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Moscow. It was founded in the fifties by Edoardo Caovilla and Rene Fernando, father and son.

FROM THE BLOGS: This designer has a shoe museum! Isn't that cool? I don't think that's odd given the type of business that he has, but not every designer owns a museum dedicated to the product they make. If this designer owns an actual shoe museum, that's a strong hint to me that they take their craft pretty seriously. Maybe that spills over into their own product. The museum is located in Venice, Italy. Think I might have to save up a little bit before I can go check it out. There was also an article about Sarah Hyland wearing shoes from this designer on the way to the David Letterman show. I have no idea who Sarah Hyland is, but those were some seriously teal shoes that she was photographed wearing in the blog post that I saw. There was also a decent biographical article regarding this brand, which has been in the designer's family. I like reading about brands where the craftmanship was passed down from the parent to the child and that is the case here. What I found also to be unique and interesting is that an actual Egyptian cobra was hired to protect "Nyssia", which is their most famous piece and happened to be encrusted with precious jewels and shown at Harrods. Apparently, this family line will continue. The designer's son Edoardo is currently being groomed to take over the family business. I can't help think that there are probably worse ways to go through life than inherit a shoe company.