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SUMMARY: Ms. Acra's designs her fashions around women, offering them a sense of elegance and class with each garment. She is mainly known for her bridgal designs. The majority of her designs are sold in upscale and famous clothing stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. She was born in Lebanon, and she later studied fashion in Paris and NYC. There in NYC is were she began her career in designing high-end fashion. Known for her use of embroidery that is signature on most of her items. Acra owns a boutique that is located in the heart of Manhattan, NYC.

FROM THE BLOGS: There's something unforgettable about this designer's name. No, for some reason, I do not picture this designer as being someone who's very reputable in designing bridal gowns. For some reason, I think this designer's name makes me think of sportswear, because the her last name sounds like lycra. However, this is all shallow. An excellent designer can make you associate their name with what they are best at. Apparently, what they can also make you associate their name with is dressage, or equestrian competition. Their name is associated with a prestigious trophy in this type of competition. Apparently, it's a big deal that recently, a double Olympian, Charlotte DuJardin, rode her horse, Vallegro, to became the first Briton to win this title. I don't know the connection yet between this sport and the apparel, but I thought it was quite interesting. Apparently, they do more than just bridal gowns as Zooey Deschanel made a good impression wearing one of their gowns to the 64th Emmy Awards. The gown was blue, but if it were white, it would look much like a bridal gown. Idina Menzel (John Travolta's "Adele Nadeem") also wore one of these gowns at the most recent Oscars. Once again, it was the color of the dress and not the design that made it something other than a wedding gown. Given the publicity that she got with John Travolta's mispronounciation, I wouldn't be surprised if they approached him to wear a gown for them.