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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Red Carter

eBid Online Auctions

SUMMARY: This is a swimwear label for women known for using bold, colorful prints and solids in their designs. Based in Miami, Florida, this label also offers a line for men that can be worn to the beach or swimming pool. Having grown up on the beaches of California, Mr. Carter knows his line of work inside out, creating swimsuits that have attracted a growing audience of buyers.

This label's swimwear can be purchased through Bloomingdale's, Blue Fly, Everything But Water, Fig Leaves, Azura, Best Swimwear and Bizrate/Shopzilla. Other retail stores across the nation include Jill Roberts in Beverly Hills, California, Tahiti Street in Greenwich, Connecticut; and Cornelia in New York City.


As you can imagine there's a good number of product review in the search results. In other words, those talking about this brand seem to not hesitate to seize upon the opportunity to display photos of the skimpy swimsuits from this brand on shapely young women. Not much in terms of runway reviews which is quite surprising. I would have assumed that any runway show featuring the aforementioned skimpy swimsuits on shapely young women would attract plenty of attention and write-ups by the sheer multitudes of observers. It's not that this brand does not do runways shows. If you do a blog search, the first one that I noticed in the results was the Mercedes Swim Week Show in 2012. It seems to be a popular event. There's not much in the way of in-depth reviews or commentary for the product or shows. This is not an area that provides opportunity for artistic interpretation or boundary-stretching. Obviously, this is all about flattering an already in-shape physique. This is costuming for the monied and skinny. So to make my discussion of this brand more interesting, I think biographical information is in order. The name of this label is the actual name of the designer, Red Carter, who grew in Southern California and moved to Miami and eventually Manhattan. He looks like someone that you might imagine creating software in Silicon Valley. I do have to wonder what makes Manhattan a better home base than California or Miami when your business is creating swimwear?