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SUMMARY: This is a clothing company owned by Mike Giant and Joshy D. The two met in the late 1990's in San Francisco. Mike Giant and Joshy D. have a deep passion and appreciation for graffiti and skateboarding. Both owners play a certain role in the success of running the business, with Giant addressing the art work, and Joshy D. running the business aspect. They both had previous experience working in the apparel business. Each design printed on a piece of their apparel was created by hand, unlike other clothing companies that use a vector format that digitize the patterns on their outfits.

FROM THE BLOGS: With a name as interesting and unique as this brand's name, you expect there to be a story behind it and I was quite interested in hearing about it. The first blog post that I noticed was from Hypebeat. It was noticeable more for the comments than it was for the actual content. The blog post itself features a model that a commenter was apparently quite taken with. His paean of lust has mixture of racy street bluntness and poetry that has to be read to be believed. The impression that I get of this brand from browsing the blogs post is that it is streetwear with pretense. Not just any thug wannabe wears this brand. This is for the street thugs who dream of enjoying wine on a sunny afternoon in Madrid after cracking skulls the day before in an alley in Marseille. I guess the one thing that I don't get about the label is it's current fascination with the movie "Ghostbusters". Perhaps that's a sly riff on pop culture that we're all just not hip enough yet to get, but that we're just too cool to admit. There's even talk of this brand being consider to be above streetwear and entering the realm of original art. I think credit for artistry should also be given to the brand's marketing department. It seems that they have broken new ground in the art of hype.