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SUMMARY: Ms. Taylor is a fashion designer who was born in 1969 in New Zealand. She is a well-known and respected European designer. Some of her celebrity clients include Sarah Jessica Parker, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, and Kate Winslet. Her fashion style allows women of different ages to wear fun and flowing clothing. Her line consists of tops, skirts, jackets, and dresses.

Some of her best fashion pieces include the following the April short sleeve combo blouse, dusty lilac mini skirts, blue combo gypsy blouses, berry tiered skirts, black two button blazers and her night sky flower child dress. You can purchase these fashion pieces at

FROM THE BLOGS: If I have an obvious prejudice, it's against the plain-sounding name because they tend to be common and are thus so hard to isolate. As you can imagine, I had my trepidation about this brand. I thought that this designer as portrayed in the blog search results was going to be boring, boring, boring. Oh sure, there was the normal corporate-looking runway review and articles. I must admit, though, that my impression of some of this designer's apparel is that it's subtly imaginative at mixing textures and patterns. It's somewhat more interesting than just being a rich person's costume. Even so, the fear of a designer's common-sounding name generating results from different people was also realized. This was another opportunity to learn who also has a designer's name and is successful. There is a higher up in the European Parliament. There is also an assistant dean of students at Davidson College. There is also an author who has her blog prominently posted in the Google Blog search results. Even so I must admit that there's enough flashy posts for this designer that she is representative of most of the Google Blog searches. For those of you in the Alexandria, Virginia area, I should mention that she was there just last month at an event at a Saks Fifth Avenue. Nothing quite so flashy from the European Parliament member, assistant dean and author.