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SUMMARY: Ms. Beeson's designer label can be described as convenient and fashionable. Her styles are very modern and simple. Her Summer 2009 collection features bright, solid color pastels. Exquisite, soft patterned dresses are very popular in this line - especially in the 09 summer collection. Benefits of wearing this line are that most pieces can transform from day to evening, while being appropriate for many day-to-day situations. This line is sold in top department stores like Holt Renfrew's, Barney's, and Bloomingdale's. Celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Heidi Klum, and Rachel Bilson have been spotted wearing this label.

FROM THE BLOGS: I really have to wonder how this brand is doing given the blog search results. The very first result is for the designer (unless she happens to also be a curvy lingerie model). That's interesting given that there are quite a few results that pertain to this brand. Out of curiosity, I looked up this brand's website and the web address that uses this designer's name seem to be defunct. Hmmm, not a good sign. I was not able to find any Wikipedia entry for this designer as well. So in other words, this designer currently seems to be a mystery on the internet except for some product listings and a mention of a cocktail event held by this designer that was also attended by model/reality star Adrienne Curry in 2010. What is especially troubling is the number of complaints about buying from the designer's website on Someone even suggested reporting her to the Better Business Bureau. This tidbit of information was quite useful, because when I perused this brand's Better Business Bureau listing and learned that not only is her business not accredited, it's no longer a business. I guess that solves that part of the mystery. What remains as a mystery is why this business shut down. Curiously, I was able to find a review of her clothing as late as a month ago. There appear to be no news articles that discuss the status of her business. I would suggest, to my self interest, that you consider buying her apparel through places like Shopzilla or eBay, since Rebecca Beeson, as a business, no longer seems operational.