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SUMMARY: Mr. Rucci was the first North American designer to ever get an invite to the Paris haute couture shows. His garments are famed for being precisely-constructed and uniquely designed. This line is also produced in the United States, unlike many other designers whose labels are made overseas where production is cheaper. This line can be found at high fashion department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus in the United States.

FROM THE BLOGS: As everyone know, labels like to provide deals for shoppers. Some labels give you fifty percent off. Other labels do buy one get one free. Some labels give you a free gift. This label is now handing out free history lessons. Free fashion history lessons. Apparently, this designer's favorite thing nowadays is paying homage to Charles James, one of fashion's first couturiers. This designer was chosen to write a preface for an exhibition of the late designer's works, apparently because there are similarities between their approaches. Mr. Rucci says that he is not completely not Charles James in that he does not alienate family and friends in the pursuit of perfection. Right. If someone asked Charles James if he alienates family and friends, what would he have said? Really, who admits that type of thing? However, what may back his claim is his appearance in another interesting blog, Live Life in Style. This blog is run by someone who works as an engineer and wants be considered a fashion expert. You have to give her some credit as her site is well-designed and maintains good traffic. You also have to give credit in that she was able to snag a photo appearance with Mr. Rucci and Francisco Sarto. It was quite impressive except for how she thanks the designer for not being "offended" by her when she showed up in her casual clothing. Offended? I can understand how someone's clothing could offend but I don't know if she was referring to that or her actual presence. Sounds like someone's self-esteem needs a boost.