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SUMMARY: After conquering the art of design at the tender age of 18, the designer relocated from her hometown of Zara, Croatia, to Milan to begin her path in the fashion industry. She began achieving her goals, first as a model at the department store Centro Spossa, and later, commercially by showcasing to both buyers and designers, but this was only the beginning. Her compilation of work for Centro Spossa was successful and resulted in huge sales for the store. From here, she learned designing at a manufactuing level and at twenty-eight, she decided it was time for her own label to take flight. Since its inception, the label has been featured in over 480 shops worldwide, which includes Annamode in San Remo, and a couple of exclusive shops of her own in Moscow, New York's Bryant Park was the venue of her debut during the spring 2004 season.

FROM THE BLOGS: I don't even know if this is the most famous entity in fashion by this name. According the Google blog search results, there is a New York hair salon by this name, that's also well established and mentioned at least a couple of times in the Google Blog search results. There's also quite a few people who are not necessarily famous or accomplished listed by this name in the results as well. My guess is that the designer's name is a fairly popular word or name in someone's language, but I can quite figure out which language that is. I'm guessing that it's Finnish, but I can seem to be able to find a correlation online that substantiates that hunch. Even so, the designer seems to go out of their to make a big deal that their company is an American company with a product that's manufactured in the U.S.A. Their website was listed in the Google Blog search results, but there was not much of a presence online for this brand otherwise. There was a buying guide for this brand that someone created but it did not how have much to offer in terms of information about this brand.