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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Rag and Bone

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SUMMARY: This designer fashion label was named after what the English call somebody who collects unwanted things, "Rag & Bone". This collection includes everything from mens, women's and children's clothing, to shoes and accessories. The fashions are made right in the United States, and have a British appeal. The spring & summer 2009 runway displayed a gorgeous collection of men's and women's sophisticated clothing with lots of nylon, leather, metallics, silk, clam-digger legging, and business attire. In spite of the label's name, this line is not meant to be trashy or vulgar.

FROM THE BLOGS: Oh, how I love a brand with a blog. Yes, there it was on the first page of the search results so I had to check it out. After browsing it, my impressions is that iff they want to get across the idea that they are a hoidy-toidy brand, they are off to a good start with their blog. The first shot of a dinner party at the Locanda Verde restaurant in Tribeca was intimidating enough. Then there was the slideshow of vips who are so hip that you have no idea who they are except for Liv Tyler. Then you go elsewhere in the blog, where you see the shot of Gisele Bundchen, mentioned as attending their Boston opening with her husband, Tom. The photo that I like the most is the one where someone puts trendy glasses on a dog. It makes the dog look hip, as if he would be too cool to give you the time of day. This accompanies various photoblurbs about their openings in cities like Chicago, Dallas, etc.. There is absolute nothing surburban in the image that this brand of themselves in this blog. But it does look like an enviable good life. I live in a small town in Missouri. This brand is so hip and trendy that I would be surprise to see one of their stores in a big city in this state. Maybe St. Louis has one.