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SUMMARY: Mr. Simons studied furniture design before he went into fashion design. He was born in Belgium. His first fashion show was in Milan in 1995. His designs are influenced by English school uniforms and what he saw in the movies. He has given men’s wear new looks. It is described as a sleek thin pencil silhouette. He designs for the young and has a large customer base for his unique designs. He gets many ideas from reading the headlines of newspapers around the world. He won the Swiss Textile Award, a monetary prize that gave his company extra capital. From short to long pants, he creates designs that fit snugly in dark colors like black, gray and dark blue.

FROM THE BLOGS: I love the shoes that I saw featured on a blog by this designer. They are hip-hop loud but with a metallic green shade. The only thing that I don't like about them is the zipper which seems a bit showy. There is also an interesting article regarding a documentary about this designer's collaboration with the House of Dior. That is part of what makes this designer intriguing. He seems to a have a solid foothold in both streetwear and traditional high fashion. The results are peppered with blogs that discuss his collaboration with Prada as well as hoodie. That is impressive to me as a business strategy and demonstrates a highly developed sense of understanding what fashion is to different cultures. Hopefully, he will be able to maintain this dichotomy. In the past, when a prominent label becomes popular with street culture, it tends to be identified only with that segment of its market. Witness Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger. I think it might signal some societal progress that might be considered fashionable to one culture might also be considered fashionable to a vastly different culture without any insecurity. Given that the green tennis shoes that I mentioned earlier cost $440, that may helpful. It may just make this brand a universal symbol of having an awful lot of discretionary income.