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SUMMARY: Ms. Roy is a professional fashion designer who lives and works out of New York City. She launched her popular line in 2004. It was an instant success, as people loved her creative and original designs. She received her biggest break when her designs caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah decided she liked Roy's designs and is now a regular client of hers. Of course, this means that a great deal of other stars wanted her designs afterwards. She designs almost exclusively for women. This label's online retail presence is a bit selective so you may not find it on every shopping portal and you might have to go to someplace more exclusive like Shopstyle.

FROM THE BLOGS: Can you say....."girlfight?" Solange, you should behave yourself a little better in elevators, but thank you so, so much for the content or this page. Some of you may be confused that I am discussing the famous elevator ambush artist in connection with this designer and not Jay Z, but some of you may also know that of this designer's connection with that story. Apparently, before the Solange/Jay Z main event, she had a warm-up fight with Rachel Roy who apparently was a bit too friendly with Jay Z. Normally, you don't get this type of gossip on this website, but this prominent designer is likely at least as glamorous as some of the models who wear her clothes. It's likely because of this that the first page of results has more results about her social life than her clothing line. The first non-social entry is a mention of her lawsuit against the Jones Group for selling her name on products without her permission. So far, she's won an injunction against them that bars them from selling her clothing line after dropping production of her line in March. No mention on the first page of her apparel. Oh, there is an update. Apparently, Beyonce barred Jay Z from going to Kanye and Kim Kardashian's wedding because guess who will be there?