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SUMMARY: Ms. Comey is a fashion designer who launched her company in 2001. Originally, she only wanted her company to design for men. However, women were soon demanding designs from the company so they launched their womenswear line in 2003. Ironically, this became the company's main focus point and biggest cash cow. In fact, menswear is no longer considered a major part of the company's profits. Their biggest designs are clothing with a slight rock and roll feel to them and footwear of various sorts. The company's lines have attracted the attention of many celebrities, including Courtney Love and Kirsten Dunst.

FROM THE BLOGS: Need a job? That's not normally what I expect to come away with when I am searching for designers in blogs, but the article that discussed job opportunities with this designer was prominent in the results and if you are reading this in the summer of 2014, this is a recent posting. Given what I have read about other designers and how they started out, I would jump on whatever opportunities this designer offers. Search for this designer on for more information. There is also a post on a New York Times blog with a video of this designer where she discusses how she got to where she is. Along with the job posting, this is quite refreshing. A lot of prominent designers seem to live in such a rarefied atmosphere that it is hard to imagine that you might personally interact with them. You also don't expect that they have a life perspective that they want to share with the public. I personally find this a turnoff and if a designer wants to reach out and interact personally with the public (even if it's not sincere), I have to applaud it at least for the marketing acumen that it demonstrates. This doesn't mean that her product line is accessible to everyone. A pair of her very nice-looking Uncle Dan Oxford Shoe will set you back $340 as of this writing. You could easily pay $500 for one of her dresses. Oh, Rachel Comey may be an approachable celebrity, but you still need to fork over the benjamins.