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SUMMARY: This brand today is known as the one of the top luxury knitwear companies in the world. The company has been around since 1815 and also has been known for its cashmere since 1870. It's a British icon and a choice of British high society and royalty. Creative director, Claire Waight Keller, was brought on board in 2005 to restore the prestige of this label. She created two unique designs for the company’s 190th birthday celebration. They were dresses that combined traditional and classic knitwear styles and are an integral part of her collection presented during the Milan fashion week.

FROM THE BLOGS: I'm so out of touch with pop culture nowadays. Half of the people who are supposed to be famous nowadays, I have no idea who they are. I guess one way to get familiar with them is to do research for this website, because the name that comes up prominently in the first page of Google Blog search results is Rita Ora. I know I've heard the name before but I had no idea who she was. With a last name like "Ora" and give her looks, I would have guessed that she was Latina. Nope, it turns out that she's British and was born in Yugoslavia. And guess what she likes to wear? Yep. I assume that since I'm writing about her, you can guess that she likes to wear this brand. It's interesting that she does because the name of the brand connotes a bearded Scotsman wearing a kilt somewhere in the Scottish countryside. She was wearing a very modern-looking blouse and pants at a Sony event in London. There was another post featuring a commercial for Pringle of Scotland with Tilda Swinton. When you think of Tilda Swinton, you think of envelope-pushing artsy movies and very little that's traditional. Given that she is a prominent Scottish actress, this still is not an unsurprising fit. What is also worth checking is the photo spread of their new store in China in It's very modern and creative. Supposedly, the argyle pattern in the latticework reflects Scottish heritage but in no way does the design evoke men in kilts.