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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Primp Clothing

eBid Online Auctions

SUMMARY: Primp is a fun and forward clothing line. It is very girly and comfortable. In the spring of 2004, Wells Butler launched her dream line and named it Primp. She decided to call it Primp because it was one of the girly activities that would help reflect the feminine whimsy she created for her line. Within the first few months, celebrities were already wearing her designs. Some of these celebs include Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Rachel Bilson, and Hayden Panettiere. Ms. Butler creates trends when she creates her designs. Primp is sold in three stores and over 300 specialty stores nationwide.

FROM THE BLOGS: I really cannot think of worse names to call your clothing label if you want your name to be clearly distinctive and stand out. I guess the founders of this company must have realized this which must be why they found a way to prominently place their website at the top of the search results. It doesn't hurt them also, that they have a number of boutiques and that when they open a new one, that appears in the search results. They also had a nice giveaway set up back in 2011. It involved following them on Facebook and Twitter and mentioning something about them in exchange for friendship bracelets. Once you receive the bracelet, you take a photo of yourself wearing the bracelet and post that to the company's Facebook wall. One of the posters gets some clothing from the company. Interesting concept. Do this companies very important social media marketing in exchange for one bracelet and maybe (but not likely) a blouse. What a clever way to get their marketing done cheaply. However, I'm sure that those who see through this ploy would be permanently turned off by the brand. What is near that posting is another posting for a social media internship with this company also in 2011. Hmmm, I wonder. Did the intern come up with the idea for the contest? I wonder how they were compensated for it. Friendship bracelet and a chance at some clothing?