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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Premise

eBid Online Auctions

SUMMARY: This is a house brand was created by luxury retailer Theory. Its purpose was to make the upscale look of Theory more affordable and accessible to most shoppers.

Started in 2006, it was carried in department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's. While the line carried many wardrobe basics, it ultimately couldn't compete with the colorful prints of similar bridge lines such as M Missoni and Tory Burch.

Unfortunately, Theory has since decided to shut down this line in the United States. The Fall 2008 Collection was its last, and it is now only available for purchase in Japan, unless you browse the selection on eBay.

FROM THE BLOGS: You really have to scratch your head at the selection of names for brands and this is a case in point. Why was does it have a name that seems so unrelated to fashion? When I think of this word, I think of either an assumption made at the beginning of an argument, a type of mass tort law, and/or someone's physical place of residence. I do not think of clothing that I would like to wear. Perhaps it is because it is a house brand that they used this word which fits and is at the same time quite vague. When you perform a blog search for this brand, it is no surprise that you see the brand name used as a noun in different contexts. This is not one of the smarter brands in that they did not recognize the need for paid placement online so that those using the term begin to associate it with their company. Lucky for them there are bloggers that are finds of this brand that manage to place their posting near the top of the search result listings. Apparently, this brand's sleeveless dress is quite popular given that it comes up at the top of the search result listings if I use either the word "clothing" or "apparel" alongside it. Unfortunately, the quality of the photo in the blog post is quite poor, so you don't really a good feel for the look of this company's product.