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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Preen

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SUMMARY: This label was created by Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi in 1996. This label has established its presence in the fashion industry during that become and grown in reputation to become a favorite of celebrities such as Kate Moss and Thandie Newton.

For the younger consumers, this label has integrated more classical fashion with newer, hipper fashions that would look at home on a rock and roll musician. This label has a moderate presence on major shopping portals but a healthy presence with certain well-regarded eBay sellers.

FROM THE BLOGS: Now how do you go around wearing apparel with this name? Maybe it is self-referential humour, but it still is the same as wearing a piece of clothing labeled basically as "I think I'm freaking hot". The two issues that arise from wearing apparel making that statement are (1) Aren't you a jerk for saying that? and (2) Do you back up what you're clothes are saying. Now as far as placement on the internet, the name of this company describes the attitude that they should and do take in terms of making themselves visible. Their website has a good placement all over the first page of search results for the brand name, which is impressive given that their brand name is the same as a commonly used verb. This includes a well-written review of their show on I particularly enjoy how the writer of that article begins the review discussing the polarized opinions regarding mayonnaise. It's also got a slideshow where you can check out some of the patterns that this brand seems to used repeatedly. There's another post of a solid color dress from this brand that someone is selling on eBay. The dress flatters the figure of the model who is wearing it, but I'm assuming that a limited number of people on eBay (or any audience) will actually use for it. Another listing was confusing, though. It seems that a beauty supply boutique is using this brand's name. Now when this brand comes out with their own nail polish, will this be an issue to be resolved in court?