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SUMMARY: This is a fairly new fashion label, first appearing in stores in 2004, but it has found a place in the fashion industry with its collection of luxurious clothing items geared towards a jet-setting lifestyle. The clothes made by the designer fashion brand, run by creative director Tia Cibani, use high-quality fabrics with beautiful hand-crafted details and good tailoring. The designs are no doubt inspired by Ms. Cibani's North African heritage as well as her upbringing in cosmopolitan Vancouver. Not only does her line sell apparel but accessories as well, such as luggage along with hats and scarves.

FROM THE BLOGS: In browsing the search results for this brand, it seems that the lineage of the brand and its owners are at least as interesting as its actual product line. My apologies but I actually had to break from the blog search results to review Wikipedia and some other non-blog sources. It seems that the label was founded originally in Toronto and after becoming established, went a series of ups and downs including bankruptcy and store closings and in the process established a presence in mainland China and New York as well. My curiosity over the history of this brand was stoked by a Fashionista blog post that discusses Tia Cibani stepping down in 2010. Most of the rest of the postings are the standard series of reports on collections and celebrity sightings for a high profile label. I think the dresses worn by Julia Louis Dreyfuss and Archie Punjabi are particularly flattering. It's always a good thing nowadays when you see a celebrity were something that's eye-catching yet not too revealing. What would have been particularly useful for fans of this brand, and I wish that I had posted this in time, is the mention of the sample sale for this brand in New York in May in 2014. I always found news of deep discounts on an expensive brand much more interesting that reviews of a runway collection. Maybe there are readers of this website who may agree.