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SUMMARY: This label was founded in 1987 in Bologna, Italy. The company began as a sub-contract manufacturing firm for many of Italy’s top designers of luxury leather goods. This changed in 1998, when its founder Marco Palmieri decided to start the brand.

The company is known for their innovative and exquisite bags, leather accessories, luggage, and cases, which often are designed for comfort and wearability. Their leather creations are often shock absorbent, water and stain resistant. In addition, their trademark feature is gel-fused handles for comfort.

Today, this label has become an international leading Italian leather manufacturer in over 50 countries.

FROM THE BLOGS: I know so little about this brand that I feel like a hillbilly. Given that I currently live in Northwest Missouri, that feeling might be appropriate. So it was time for some education and where else to go but Google. The most prominent posted information that I could find about this brand is regarding the opening of its new flagship store in London on Regent Street. I'm also not too familiar with Regent Street (there goes the hillbilly again), but it seems to be the posh, hoidy-toidy part of town. I must say though, that the store's design, exterior and interior is likely testimony to the idea of that how the store looks has much to do with how inclined a consumer is to buy. Though, I doubt that I could afford any of the product line, the store has that flashy, chic look that draws your attention, in the same way that it might be drawn were someone to drive a bright red Lamborghini right by you and you lived where, ahem, I live. There's also an interesting back story regarding the history of the brand. The founder is not a design student, but an engineer who original was an outsourced provider of leather goods for other companies. To look at the store, you might get the impression that this brand had at least the same pedigree as a Gucci or Versace. What an argument for career change.