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SUMMARY: This label was founded by fashion veterans Joseph Mimran and Kimberly Newport-Mimran in 2002 after the birth of their daughter, hence the "Pink". Kimberly Newport-Mimran, the president and head designer for this label, brings new life to old classics. Her approach to fashion starts with traditional cuts, and patterns with bold colors hailing from 1950's culture and adds a modern twist. She tends to create very sophisticated and user-friendly clothing that is well-suited for a multitude of occasions, and designed so that you could go from a day at the office to and night on the town without changing.

FROM THE BLOGS: What an interestingly original name and concept. It creates a vision of pink squares in head. Also interestingly enough, the first item that I had chance to see was a solid color pink blouse that seemed to be a non envelope-pushing but very nicely tailored and worn by a Scarlett Johannsen lookalike. Quite different than the picture that comes to mind when I think of this brand's name. So given this exposure to the brand as well as other mentions in the other blogs posts, the impression that I get is that there is nothing subversive about this brand at all. This is more like a brand that you would choose when you either have money or want to give off the impression that you have money. Don't get me wrong, this is well-designed apparel that is extremely pleasing to the eye with its use of colors and bold trims. This conclusion is back by the appearance of this brand in a blog called Yuppielove. Since this brand is not necessarily cheap, it might behoove you to occasionally check out the blog titled "Listen to Lena", if you are a fan of this brand, because they recently had a giveaway of apparel from this brand. Oh, make sure that you are Canadian first, because that giveaway was only open to them. Outside of that, most of the posts seem to be the basic product reviews and review of the 2014 collection that comes with high-brow labels.