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SUMMARY: This is a Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion designer that started up in the early 2000's, creating a baby doll look that quickly gained popularity in the western world. Borrowing the Lolita image from the title of the book by Nabokov, this label makes fashions for women that have the look of innocence combined with a daring edge. The combination is reflected in the way the fashions are cut; a dress with a plunging neckline, dresses with full skirts, and laced bodices reminiscent of a corset. The fashion house also creates accessories to go with each garment.

These fashions can be purchased through their stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and through their official website.

FROM THE BLOGS: Yes, I was planning to research and find out more about this brand and I thought the way to do it would to be to search for the name on Google Blog search. The first thing I ended up learning about was this nice littler bakery in Northern New Jersey. Normally, I wouldn't let myself get distracted, but this bakery did such a good job of advertising its tasty-looking goodies that I had some difficulty leaving the website. You gotta see the photos of the cupcakes at this, because they look like culinary crack. The way that you find this cafe is that you search for the word "cafe" and then the name of the brand. Once you get past that, then you deal with the fact that this is a fairly common French name and it's used for a lot more things than bakeries. There seems to be some famous play with a main character whose name is the same as the name of the brand and who is apparently insane, because the play is titled with his name and then the words "le fou". Apparently,this means "the crazy" in French. So what does this say about the person who wears this brand? Are they crazy as well? Maybe it helps that the brands name is in French. You can get away with an awful lot if you use foreign language in marketing your brand. Remember the Chilito by Taco Bell?