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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Pierre Hardy

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SUMMARY: Mr. Hardy is a French designer known for his creativity and his collaborations with brands such as Gap. He is known for men’s and women’s shoes. He is also known for women’s bags. I recently checked his website and his blog in particular. Currently, he has a stunning array of designer sneakers featured. It's worthwhile to go to just to check out the combinations of colors and textures in his Colorama collection. Online, this label is selective of its retail outlets, although you can find a decent presence of this label on eBay. Even if you're shopping on eBay, it won't be cheap, so if you would rather purchase this label new, then Shopstyle has a strong selection.

FROM THE BLOGS: Hardy seems to be a popular last name nowadays, have you noticed? There's the other designer, Ed Hardy and of course the actor, Tom Hardy. I think before that, the only famous Hardy that I knew of was Stan Hardy of Laurel and Hardy fame. What this has to do with the footwear designer is hard to say, but I like to mix things up sometimes. The most interesting of posts that I've read so far is from Fashionista. I find the shoe that is the product of the collaboration between this label and the Gap to be interesting-looking. I find that some of the other shoes by this label look interesting as well. I have no interest in buying or wearing any of the shoes that I'm talking about, but when apparel or footwear is creatively designed and does not resemble anything familiar, it is worthy of notice. I think the person who created a photo montage named after this brand on Flickr, may have thought the same way, although many of the photos seem to be more focused on the lovely young things wearing the brand than the brand itself. However, there is also a photo in that montage that only has a picture of a seagull. I suppose that the reason for the inclusion of that photo is left to the imagination.