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SUMMARY: Mr. Balmain's experience with fashion began early since his mother and sister ran a fashion boutique. The House of Balmain opened in 1945. Balmain designed clothing with bell-shaped skirts and small waists which highly influenced Dior. It was Balmain who made the stole a fashion statement throughout the 1950s. He was known for fine tailored suits and evening gowns all with elegant and lithe lines. After Balmain's death, Erik Mortenson ran The House of Balmain which was later passed down to Oscar De La Renta who left in 2001. Today Christophe Decarnin designs for Balmain using a modern and edgier aesthic.

SUMMARY: I fear that this designer has a name that I wouldn't be able to pronounce correctly, even if someone patiently and repeatedly sounded it out in front of me, like I'm some big idiot. Fortunately, all I have to do on a website is spell the name correctly. Even if I didn't spell the name correctly, I think that I have the opportunity to earn some grace with my readers by mentioning that the website Mizhatten may be a good place to check for sample sales every so often. What also may be worth checking out is the blog Magdorable which shows fashions from this label from as early as 1968. I think it can be pretty interesting to your own little time warp. I like the look of the sixties dress that the model is wearing. It is unmistakably tied to that era. The post is juxtaposed with another post from this brand which shows a really nice leather satchel. With a price tag of approaching $3500 and marked down from $4400, I would have to assume that it's about as modern as you could imagine, unless designers have somehow learned to sell accessories that are out of fashion. This brand re-embraced its Sixties heritage in a subsequent post where the apparel seems to have been inspired by Emma Peel from the Avengers. I happen to love the splotchy design of the blouse most prominently featured in the post.