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SUMMARY: Arty, erratic and innovative are all adjectives used to describe the collections of celebrity favorite Mr. Lim. His style encompasses bold use of color and texture embodied in rich, luxurious fabrics. Mr. Lim sets out to have his designs be beautiful and a little insane while addressing the needs of not only women but men’s wear and children’s lines as well.

This brand is available worldwide in nearly 400 boutiques and department stores and the label ranges from RTW to eyewear to accessories. Mr. Lim is a winner of numerous prestigious awards, worn by the young celebs and a widely visible force that seeks to redefine fashion.


This designer is seriously ahead of the game. I have seen an awful lot of designers who have Fall 2014 collections, but this is the first designer that I have seen with a Spring 2015 collection. Way to jump out ahead of everyone else and make that money! A lot of the other posts on the first page of Google Blog search regarding this designer seem to support that this label is no slouch in taking care of its fiscal. The first phrase on the first pose is "Pre-order". Another post discusses a pop shop constructed by this brand and it apparently seems to have a promotional agreement with Target. Nice going, Phil. That might be why it was interesting to read the "My Stuff" an an article in Industrie Magazine where he was interviewed. I would assume to be a complete non-commercial article, at least on his behalf. He mentions his kayak,which sounds boring, but the he also mentions his dog. Nice to have your priorities in order. His mention of new socks seems calculated. Oh sure, you charge up the wazoo for your product, but you want is a new sock? Yeah, sell me a bridge. I also like the post that discusses his pop-up store. From the photos, it seems to have an extremely cool cutting-edge look. They don't have pop-up stores where I live. I find them fascinating.