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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Phi

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SUMMARY: New York City is known for its support to the fashion industry. One of the larger fashion design companies in New York is an international company that specializes in women's luxury wear. Lately, their fall collection has been given considerable attention by the fashion community. They are not like the majority of fashion design companies in that they also design their own accessories, including but not limited to belts, high heels and purses. They are a popular focus for the press and are frequently featured in many magazines worldwide, especially Vogue. Although their headquarters are in New York, they have shops in nineteen countries across the globe, most of them fashion capitals.

FROM THE BLOGS: Oh, me. Have you ever heard that expression? I've heard that in the South although it may be fairer to think of it as a rural expression. What does it mean? It's what people say sometimes when they face an exasperating situation and usually it's accompanied by a sigh. How is it relevant? Well, it is what I thought when I pondered having to find a brand by this name among all the myriad other possibilities that may arise in the search results. So off the top of my head, what other words could accompany this word? Could they be "Beta Sigma" or maybe "Slamma Jamma"? You figure that the founders of the company must really have a deep love for whatever caused them to pick this brand name. When I search for this brand in the Google Blog search, I get almost everything else that this word, either on its own or as an acronym, could stand for. One that I should have known, but didn't think of automatically was "protected health information" which is terminology used in U.S. HIPAA laws. I also saw that this word also is also an abbreviation for the Phillippines. So I did the obvious and added the word "apparel". No, not much difference. So I then added the word "clothing". Nope, not much difference. So what to conclude? Forget about shopping or reading about this brand through the blogs.