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SUMMARY: This label was conceived in the mind of Russell Simmons and introduced to the fashion world in 1992. This clothing line is considered an important part of the hip hop movement and was made for those who appreciate and dwell in its culture. While the line's headquarters remain in New York City, it has since branched out to forty-one states and Puerto Rico. The brand can easily be found in malls and retail stores, especially those catering specifically to urban wear. Most commonly, they are found in Macy's stores and for those who desire to purchase the brand but need an alternative to the online site, Amazon provides a good selection.

FROM THE BLOGS: Is this brand still relevant? That is what I wanted to know because I knew that it was quite popular when hip hop and fashion merged, but I had not heard much about this brand in recent years. So I had no idea what to expect when I performed a search for this brand. The results were anti-climactic. Nothing signalling the death knell for this brand, but then again nothing giving the impression that this brand is still the current big thing. It just comes across as extremely corporate. There was a post with a listing of boat shoes from this brand. There were nice but are boat shoes hip hop nowadays? Is this brand even hip hop? Maybe it is all about living the "fabolous" life. Dr. Dre just made his billion-dollar deal with Apple, so maybe hip hop had now moved from the hood to the country club. Even so, given that hip hop is now producing billionaires, it is now time for Russell Simmons to catch up. He is only worth $300 million. There is a pretty detailed post by Wolf Dork apparel that discussed the history of this label and how it's evolved but what is interesting is that though the post was written this year, it stops discussing the brand in the early 2000s. Hmmmm.